Klaus Voormann
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Dec 01 2014 - Klaus Voormann Event:
The Fifth Beatle in America –

Klaus Voormann talks with Fritz Egner Film- and audio sequences between Book-/CD-/artprint signing

Amerikahaus Munich Karolinenplatz

7 - 9 pm (19 - 21 Uhr) Contact: programm@amerikahaus.de

Klaus Voormann The Fifth Beatle in America

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Nov 26 2014 - New Voormann Artprint: Making of Revolver Cover Artwork –
Scetch 1

Limited Edition 200/ Euro 120

The first scetch of Klaus Voormann‘s amazing graphic novel project „The Music Make Sense because of the Sleeve and Vice Versa -The Making of Revolver Co-ver Artwork“. Book release summer 2016

Klaus Voormann Revolver

More at http://www.voormann.com/shop Nov 26.