Fender Precision Bass (Modell 1962), painted by Klaus in flower-power stile. He used the bass on countless historic recordings and didn’t change the old strings until today.


Klaus bought the boots 1971 in London and painted them in his typical drawing style at George’s Friar Park cottage. Klaus lived there till he moved to Los Angeles. He wore the boots first time on stage for George Harrison’s legendary Concert for Bangladesh at New York’s Madison Square Garden 1971.


Ringo’s Chess Set

Silver & gold plate

It was Ringo’s idea of doing a chess set. He wanted me to design different hand positions instead typical chess figures.  After I have created  the wax modell of the complete chess set the British jeweler Asprey manufactured  a few copies silver and gold plated.


Doorknob Ringo’s Hand

A cast bronze doorknob using Ringo’s hand as the model, including a star shaped ring on index finger. Created by Klaus Voormann as a gift for Starr in 1972, the doorknob was used on the door to Starr’s home recording studio at Rydinghurst in Surrey where among other things, John Lennon’s Imagine was recorded.