Climate protection is very important to me and I would like to remind you of THE DAY OF THE TREES. It was adopted by the United Nations in 1951 and is celebrated worldwide, in Germany on 25th April. This is intended to remind us of the essential protection of trees and their important ecosystems.
The core of my anniversary exhibition REMEMBER REVOLVER in Berlin 2008, was a VW New Beetle painted by me in the design of the album cover “REVOLVER”. The exhibition was then generously sponsored by Volkswagen AG. The car-art exhibit was shown in several exhibitions and TV shows, also in my film documentary “All You Need is Klaus“.
Christina and I decided to sell the white Car-Art-New Beetle for charity purposes. The proceeds will be used to preserve valuable natural heritage trees and their ecosystems, to safeguard the extraordinary, extensive old trees, to promote suitable successor habitats and to save rare and endangered species.
The historic Bernried Park is located on the southwest part of Lake Starnberg in the municipality of Bernried. It is one of the most biodiverse areas in Upper Bavaria and with more than 700 ancient trees it is a hotspot for amazing ancient trees. It is one of the most important European deadwood reserves with spectacular endangered biodiversity. These include primeval forest relics such as the FFH species Osmoderma eremit (Eremit). These have been proven numerous in the north of the historic Bernrieder Park.
The rescue of trees and wildlife habitats promotes climate and health protection
Love + Peace + Save the Trees,
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