Klaus Voormann Portrait © Jörg Steinmetz
The Vietnam war triggered many songs with a political background. John and Yoko actively took part in the anti-war movement. Some of her songs became hymns of the world wide peace movements and to this day these include „Imagine” and „Give Peace a Chance“.
During The Beatles “Get Back”/“Let It Be” sessions John recorded the simple but very touching demo „Make Love not War“. I’ve been thinking about it several times lately and I often ask myself how John would act and feel about the current political situation. 
I’m not gifted like John and Yoko to spread out the message with amazing songs and admonishing performances. My means of expression is to draw. Together with my son Maximilian I created the artwork for the new, very special large format, the limited fine art print „Make Peace Not War“.
The title refers not only to the terrible war in the Ukraine. It refers to all theatres of war. It was April 1945. I was 7 years old when I was forced to flee from the Russians amidst a long stream of refugees. Together with me, my 3 older brothers and my mother who pushed the pram with baby brother Rolf who died on the run. I know what war means!
With this in mind,
Love & Peace