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Klaus Voormann Portrait © Jörg Steinmetz

There are so many wonderful and magical moments that I experienced with you. This includes the concert on February 16, 2010, which took place at the  Brooklyn  Academy one Music on the occasion of your upcoming 77th birthday under your direction. The end of the evening in the sold out music hall was the Plastic One Band Reunion. Together with you, Eric Clapton, Sean and Jim Keltner on drums I sat on stage and played the bass. “Johns Yer Blues”, sung by Sean, „Death of Samantha“ and „Don’t Worry Kyoko“. Goose bumps, not only for all participants of the concert such as Paul Simon, Bette Midler and for the audience, but also for all of us on stage. It was your evening accompanied by Sean and John’s Spirit.

Much Love & Peace & Health to  you,

Klaus + Christina

Klaus Voormann Portrait © Jörg Steinmetz