John Lennon – MIND GAMES EP

Klaus Voormann Portrait © Jörg Steinmetz

“I’m the greatest”

As we all know, Ringo always needed a little help from his friends. We recorded this album in my favorite LA studio, Sunset Sound, on Sunset Boulevard. So, for this great album titled “Ringo,” featuring a whole bunch of Ringo hits and a whole bunch of friends who contributed their musicianship and songs. George brought “Sunshine Life for Me,” Paul wrote the beautiful song “Six O’Clock,” and, of course, John’s “I’m the Greatest.” With “I’m the Greatest,” the new thing on the John Lennon – Mind Games EP is that you can now hear the track with John singing the song. It’s the guide vocal meant for Ringo – as we all know – he needs a little help from his friends!

On another day, we had the whole group called “The Band” in the studio to help Ringo on the song “Sunshine Life for Me.” Levon played the mandolin, Garth the accordion, Rick the fiddle, Robby the guitar, me on contrabass, George sang the guide vocal, and on drums, our lovely Ringo. Once the track was in the can, it was time for Ringo to sing the song. “I can’t sing that!” he said. “That’s too hard for me.” “Come on, my friend, off we go.” George grabbed Ringo by his arm, led him to the microphone, and in no time, Ringo’s vocal was on tape. Ain’t that lovely?