1966 Revolver Cover


The Beatles departed from their earlier records and pushed the boundaries of rock and pop music by releasing their innovative and seminal album Revolver. Capturing The Beatles’ new direction, and visually representing their sound, Klaus Voormann’s Revolver cover artwork became instantly iconic.


….and the Grammy goes to Klaus Voormann
9th Annual Grammy Awards March 2, 1967
 Los Angeles Beverly Hilton Hotel
Best Album Cover Graphic Arts 1966 REVOLVER – The Beatles
It was the first Grammy awarded to a graphically designed record cover for a rock and pop album. Klaus Voormann’s legendary design stands today as a mile- stone of album artwork.
The 9th Grammy Award ceremony was held on 2nd March 1967, at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.
The winners included a young graphic designer who, even in his wildest dreams, never expected to win the recording industry’s most prestigious honour.